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Daniel Vanzelli was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and moved to the United States in the late 1980s to pursue higher education in New Jersey. In 1992, he relocated with his family to Orlando, where he began working at Concord Resorts, an international property management company, in various customer service and management roles. 

In 1995, Club Florida Villas hired Daniel as a Senior Property Manager and Customer Service Specialist, recognizing his professional experience and multilingual skills. He obtained his Florida Real Estate license in 1996 and spent six months in a rigorous sales program at Westgate (CFI). Later that year, he joined forces with Club Florida Villas and collaborated with British companies Styles Estates and Advantage Vacation Homes, which were eventually acquired by ResortQuest, a Gaylord Company.  During this time, Daniel gained further recognition by appearing on the BBC English Channel’s “Escape to the Sun,” a TV series that showcased British visitors buying vacation homes in the Disney area. The show highlighted his lifestyle in Central Florida and documented his preparation for, and successful completion of, the Florida Broker’s exam, which he achieved after a rigorous process sanctioned by the State of Florida.  

In 2005 through 2008, Daniel Vanzelli worked with Coral Shores Realty before founding DV Realty Consultants. He also served as a broker and manager for Vacation Home Store, overseeing all its contracts.

With many years of successful real estate experience in Florida, Daniel Vanzelli is well-equipped to assist with your buying, selling, and other real estate needs, providing prompt and excellent service to both international and local clients.

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